welcome to the Trans Relief Project


If you want to help,

the easiest and most direct thing you can do right now is donate, by clicking below:


We pay out our financial assistance directly from these donations, and as we do not take any operating costs for ourselves, every cent you give will go directly towards helping people with financial aid.

If you are able to volunteer legal services, or have any recommendations for other organisations we can add to our resources page, please contact us at transrelief@gmail.com.

Right now we are unable to add any further volunteers to our current team, as we are focusing on setting up our infrastructure and procedures. However, if we need volunteers in the future we will put out the call on our Twitter account.

Finally, we appreciate any efforts to simply spread the word of who we are and what we are doing. You can follow us on Twitter. Please feel free to share any of our infographics you may find there or on our resources page.


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