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If you are transgender and are having financial difficulty either applying for or correcting your existing identity documents, we are here to help. We understand the current sense of urgency around these issues, and that the cost of processing paperwork to protect your status can be difficult to manage. Currently, our priority is helping people apply for passports while the window to do so is open, but we also offer assistance for fees associated with name changes and other documents.

To apply, please read the following information and fill out the form below to the best of your ability to do so:

• Submitting an application does not guarantee financial assistance. Financial assistance comes directly from our donations and we are only able to make payments as funds become available. We do have a maximum amount that we can potentially give for aid. If your monetary need exceeds that amount, you will receive that amount.

• We are currently not providing funds for surgeries or legal fees unrelated to changing identification / names (such as criminal or civil court expenses). As much as we would like to, we do not have the resources or expertise to assist in this way.

• You must provide all the information required in the form. A PayPal address that has been verified (ie, you are able to receive payments) is necessary for us to pay out your aid.

• We can only provide assistance to the person submitting the form. If you wish to receive assistance for yourself and others, you will each need to submit a form. The exception to this rule is individuals under 18 years of age, or individuals with accessibility issues that prevent them from being able to complete the form. In the case of a minor, we require that a parent or other legal guardian submit the form with the individual's information and the parent/guardian's payment info. In the case of individuals with accessiblity issues, please contact us at transrelief@gmail.com and we will help you take care of your submission.

• If you have questions about legal issues, specific procedures or other trans issues, please consult our resources page for a list of useful links that should hopefully help.

• If you have issues, questions, or problems that are not covered by these points, please contact us at transrelief@gmail.com and we will attempt to help you how we can. Stay strong. You will get through this, and you are worth helping.


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